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Welcome to Candlejak

Candlejak is an archive for the virtual pet site, PetRPG. Please note that PetRPG no longer exists and that this website is meant to preserve the memory of the game.

03rd July 2022
Hello, everyone! Candlejak is back online! We apologize for the downtime, but everything is back up now.
We have added user icons to the avatar page if anyone would like to take a look! If we are missing any or if one is out of place, please ping Mew on the PetRPG Discord.

- Mew

18th April 2021
It's been around 7 years since CandleJak was last active..
But we're finally back up and running! You'll see updates over the next few weeks as we restore old content from back in the day, if you think we've missed anything let us know via Discord!

- Martyn & Mew

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